Up to 800% ROI in the First-Year

These short video segments show you how companies use KnowledgePay to lower costs, boost productivity, retain top performers, and increase employee engagement.

Performance Management & Talent Management

Boost retention and engagement of top performers by integrating compensation analysis with performance and talent management review processes.

Employing KnowledgePay data and compensation analytics in review processes gives you integrated insight into the ways employee pay, performance and potential compare to the external market, internal pay ranges, and peers. Making decisions based on integrated, real-time data results in better retention and increased employee engagement. (6’37”)

Off-Cycle Pay Increases

Learn how one organization realized annual savings of $1.9 million via the information and process controls enabled by KnowledgePay.

Like many companies, this one had a well managed merit increase process tied to its annual performance management cycle. But, off-cycle increases associated with promotions, transfers and market adjustments cost nearly half the amount of the merit cycle, but without controls and information to ensure optimal decisions. Here’s how KnowledgePay fixed that problem. (9’56”)

Career Path Strategies

Learn how one mid-sized company used KnowledgePay to realize ongoing annual savings of nearly $200,000 from a single project.

A manager proposed a department-wide upward compensation adjustment to solve a difficult problem of excessive turnover. But, the savvy HR director used KnowledgePay to analyze data and model a new career pathing solution that reduced turnover and increased productivity. The company avoided the cost of a compensation adjustment and realized the savings mentioned above. (14’20”) (more detail)

FLSA Compliance

In this episode, Chris Kelley explains how KnowledgePay’s compensation software helps organizations manage risks and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). (9’17”)


Special Compensation Actions

In this short video case study, KnowledgePay software helps solve the pain points for organizations surrounding ” special compensation actions”, such as Project Bonuses, Retention Agreements, and Sign-on Bonuses. In most organizations, there is no central tracking of pending arrangements that have been made which can lead to problems with missed payments to employees, inability to provide executive insight to committed payments, and now tax compliance with IRS 409A. (7’08”)

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