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Based on decades of compensation experience, KnowledgePay automates job pricing and survey participation, makes job and compensation analysis easy, manages competencies and compliance, and more — for every job in your company. On demand.

Job Management

Understanding jobs is at the heart of virtually every HR process. KnowledgePay makes it easy to author, describe, document and evaluate jobs across your company. Manage competencies, scope, accountabilities, requirements, special compensation actions and more. Tracking ADA and FLSA compliance is a snap too. Comprehensive job analysis with KnowledgePay.

Job Management

Market Pricing

KnowledgePay integrates and manages your whole salary survey library — along with any internal job pricing models. You can create and store market matches, attach relative weights, premiums & discounts, and manage market data aging calculations centrally. Navigate your survey information easily via flexible search. By streamlining market pricing, KnowledgePay enables you to focus on using the results strategically.

Market Pricing

Automate Survey Submission

KnowledgePay automates salary survey submission to save time and money. Verify survey submissions easily with a side-by-side comparison of the survey job summary and the summary for your own jobs. KnowledgePay maintains your job match relationships and offers structured queries to pull all the data you need for survey submissions.

Automated Surveys

Point Factor Integration

If you use your own Point Factors, in addition to market pricing data, KnowledgePay supports powerful analysis of job value against both internal equity and external competitiveness. It’s easy to configure KnowledgePay with your own Compensable Factors, unlimited Degrees, and point values to reflect their internal value structure. Built in Regression Modeling lets you predict market value for hard to benchmark jobs.

Point Factor Integration

Competency Management

With KnowledgePay, you can assign competencies to individual jobs as part of the normal job design and analysis process. As the central repository of job information, KnowledgePay stores both competency definitions and behavioral anchors. This information can be integrated easily with your Talent Management applications as well as used in compensation decision-making.

Competency Management

Job Descriptions

Well constructed job descriptions give employees a roadmap and are the first step in building high performance into your organization’s culture. KnowledgePay allows you to standardize job description output, and gives you flexible reporting as well as seamless integration of your job descriptions across all your other HR systems.

Job Descriptions

Employee/Job Analysis

KnowledgePay integrates seamlessly with both your Talent Management solution and your core HRIS. With job and compensation at the center, it provides a single, consolidated view of an employee in his job, multiplying the value of talent management and performance information.

Employee Analysis

Intelligent Org Charting

KnowledgePay lets you view your employee Compensation data and Talent Management data integrated with organizational structure in a graphical Org Chart format. Here, in a single powerful overview, HR and managers have all relevant information required to make employee pay decisions.

Org Charts


Powerful modeling tools streamline compensation analysis and help you make accurate pay decisions. Quickly model the cost of various levels of Structure Adjustments of merit increases. You are able to model for one location or many, for a specific Geographic structure or across all structures.


Special Compensation Actions

KnowledgePay provides integrated, enterprise-wide tracking of special compensation actions, such as project bonuses, retention agreements, sign-on bonuses, or any other category. This is especially useful for ensuring compliance with the recently-enacted IRS regulation 409A.


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