Market Pricing – Compensation Group Hits 1500 Members

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Chris Kelley Posted in Market Pricing, Salary Surveys

Several years ago, I started a Group out on LinkedIn called “Market Pricing – Compensation”.  This community has now reached a milestone of having over 1,500 members….it’s now at 1,575 and growing every day!

The group is made up of compensation and HR professionals from around the world who all share a common interest of trying to make sure they have the best salary survey sources to fit their relevant labor market.  I personally review the profile of everyone that requests membership to make sure the group stays on focus.

We have mostly compensation and HR practitioners in the group, but there are also several salary survey vendors and even a few of the competing market pricing software vendors in the mix.  That’s all good.  The community is supposed to be about information sharing, not a place to get bombarded with sales pitches.

If you’re looking for a networking resource where you can bounce ideas around and ask questions about market pricing, salary surveys, job matching, etc., then check out the Group on LinkedIn called “Market Pricing – Compensation.”  Hope to see you there.