At KnowledgePay, we know compensation analysis. Our compensation consulting services usually revolve around projects where deep expertise is needed with regards to job analysis, documentation and evaluation. Whether or not you are using our software solution, we can help with a wide range of special projects.

Sample Compensation Consulting Projects…

Market Pricing Strategy — Market pricing often times look like the wild, wild west without a framework. Without a methodology. Without a strategy. Draw upon our experience to help define the rules of the road for market pricing that make sense for your organization.

Job Descriptions — Developing job descriptions for an organization can be an overwhelming challenge. We have decades of experience in large-scale organization transformations and leading projects to get job descriptions developed.

Market Pricing Services — Need help in performing job matching or analyzing market data? Tap into our in-depth knowledge, ad hoc software tools and expertise to get the job done fast.

Ad hoc Salary Surveys — KnowledgePay can design and administer custom salary surveys for those unique jobs or labor markets that just don’t get addressed through the traditional benchmark surveys. We help you design questionnaires, build out targeted participant lists, gather survey input and generate summary reports. We do this for a fraction of the cost of the big-name salary survey vendors.

Training and Communications — We can help develop tailored training materials for rolling out market pricing compensation programs which can include experiential training sessions to prepare managers for delivering market pricing messaging, video and print communications materials, and even personalized employee statements that explain their own unique messaging.

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