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KnowledgePay leverages over 25 years of enhancements that evolved addressing the diverse needs of Global Fortune 50 to early stage companies with our powerful CompAccelerator. Improve control and strengthen the link between pay and performance by guiding managers through allocation decisions for salary, bonus and LTI.

KnowledgePay Features: CompAccelerator

Compensation Planning — Support and drive the overall compensation planning process from communications, workflows, business rules, what-if analysis, real-time reporting and analytics.

Global — Over 80% of clients use CompAccelerator internationally. Managers can toggle planning and review between local or Corporate currencies. Leverage multiple budgets, merit guidelines, salary structures and even performance rating scales to align with international needs.

Collaboration Support — Establish as many collaborators in the planning process as desired. Perfect for ensuring communication on staff for project based companies or staff moving between managers during the year.

Integration — Aligns with HRIS/ERP/Performance Management systems, payroll, and market data. This design enables HR departments to have the freedom to blueprint the compensation process based on business requirements and not be confined by limitations of other applications.

Implementation — The fastest and most efficient implementation process on the market. Implementations in weeks not months.

KnowledgePay Features: Salary Planning

Salary Actions — Clients decide on the actions desired from merits, lump sums, promotions, market adjustments and more. Our easy single click configuration puts HR in control.

Budget Rollup — KnowledgePay compensation software tools enable managers to analyze budget and spend at any level of their organization from a full rollup to only their direct reports, or any management rollup below them.

Decision Support — Salary history, market ratios, internal compa ratios or range penetration can be visible to managers at the point of planning. View future compensation package for employees as will be impacted by planned promotions, increases, incentive target changes, etc. on a Targeted Compensation tab.

KnowledgePay Features: Bonus Planning

Bonus Plans — Clients decide on the actions desired based on percent of salary or dollar amount. Can model multiple budget years and plans on a per employee basis. CompAccelerator handles mid-year target changes, proration and more. Our easy single click configuration puts HR in control.

Budget Rollup — KnowledgePay compensation software tools enable managers to analyze budget and spend throughout their organization.

Bonus History — Show as many historical bonus actions desired on a per employee basis.

Performance — Bonus calculations can be tied to individual performance ratings to further align pay for performance philosophies.

Policy Enforcement — Bonus Caps, Minimums, Discretionary /Non-Discretionary Components, Proration, etc.

Automated Reconciliation — Allow managers to finish planning before Finance has the numbers. CompAccelerator will automatically “True-Up” the results when final corporate performance is known.

KnowledgePay Features: LTI Planning

LTI Planning — Clients can plan for and review LTI amounts in multiple currencies. Additionally, multiple plans along with LTI target percentages and amounts can be modeled.

Budget Rollup — KnowledgePay compensation software tools enable managers to analyze budget and spend throughout their organization.

KnowledgePay Features: Architecture & Implementation

Implementation Timeline — CompAccelerator can be up and ready in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Client-specific configuration — Easily tailored for your organizational terminology, requirements and relationships. KnowledgePay works with you to understand your needs and show you how to customize all relevant features to support your process. As requirements change and grow, additional functionality can be turned on quickly.

Full Audit — CompAccelerator audit features allow monitoring of a variety of system activities and enable authorized users to track changes.

Interoperability — We can easily receive data from other systems, or pass data to them in a variety of ways.

“Help” functionality — KnowledgePay allows for client-specific Help content throughout as well.

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